Various silk screened, digital and blue printed posters while I was studying at CalArts.

silkscreen print
Phonetic Alphabet, 2008: silkscreen print

designed with Joel Evey
Goodbye, 2008: designed with Joel Evey

designed with Nikelle Orellana
Lisa Ann Auerbach, 2008: designed with Nikelle Orellana

silkscreen, with Coleen Corcoran
Harry Dodge & Stanya Kahn, 2007: silkscreen, with Coleen Corcoran

silkscreen, with Eileen Levinson
Keetra Dean Dixon, 2008: silkscreen, with Eileen Levinson

silkscreen, with Joel Evey
Carola Dertnig, 2008: silkscreen, with Joel Evey

digital print
personal project, 2007: digital print

Earthquake and Aftershocks, 2007: silkscreen

silkscreen, with Macgregor Harp
Earthquake and Aftershocks, 2007: silkscreen, with Macgregor Harp

I, eternal child, 2007: silkscreen

The Skriker, 2007: silkscreen

vector art, digital print
2007: vector art, digital print